Bright Energies | Residential Solar Solutions
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It Starts at Home

BE the Solution

Single Family | Apartments | HOAs | Affordable Housing | Home Builders | Investment Properties

Sustainability Made Simple: Our Process

We use the most up to date technology and software to analyze your current rates and consumption pattern to provide the best solution. Get started today by logging into your utility through our partner Utility API *insert API key.

One of our Energy Solution Specialists will review the results of the analysis with you. We will answer your questions and qualify for one of our many finance partners. We have options for everyone, from good or bad credit to homeowners or renters.

Agreement, we take care of the rest to get you to install day as quick as possible. From utility submission to permitting, all paperwork is handled by Bright Energies. We take the hassle out of

Bright Energies uses our local, top rated Partner Network to install your solar system or battery. You can expect that we finish all work in under 10 hours. Well leave your home as if we were never there.

Every installation must receive Permission to Operate, or P.T.O. This is the day you have been waiting for! Sustainability.Because it Saves.

The Sun Shines Everywhere

Rooftop | Ground Mount | Carport | Shade Structure

Shade Structure

Rooftop Solar

Ground Mount Solar

Financing Options

Multiple $0 Options

Own Your Panels


Switch to Sustainable Supply

Own Your Energy

Keep All Tax Credits & Local Incentives

  • CASH

    • The original way to go solar! You pay for the entire system cost upfront, out of pocket. Since your panels are paid off, you never have to pay for power again!

  • LOAN

    • For those who want to own their system, but dont have the cash on hand. We’ll pair you with one of our finance partners. Your monthly finance payment will be less than your current monthly electric bill. When it’s paid off, you don’t have to pay for power again.

  • PACE

    • Property Assessed Clean Energy is a new unique financing offer. PACE funds home improvements that conserve energy. PACE financing is repaid as an assessment on the property’s regular tax bill, and is processed the same way as other local public benefit assessments (sidewalks, sewers) have been for decades.

Sustainable Energy Supply

For those with no tax appetite

Long term controlled pricing

  • PPA

    • Power Purchase Agreements are great for those who just want to remain in a similar agreement as they currently are in with the grid. One of our PPA partners will install, own and maintain the system on your roof. All you do is pay for the power, except it’s clean, renewable energy.


    • A Pre Paid PPA allows you to pay for your power in bulk, ahead of time. This allows you to reduce your energy price and save additional money.


    • Just as you would lease a car, you can lease a solar system. You pay a fixed monthly cost for a years worth of power.

Energy Storage

Powerful When Your Powerless

Your home battery stores energy when the grid goes down. We offer both grid-tied and solar-tied batteries. Perfect for those with shaded roofs.

Tier Free

Batteries can also help offset on peak energy costs. This is when the utility charges more for power during certain times of day. Help relieve this grid stress while putting money back in your pocket.