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Profit from Sustainability

Be the Power

Small Business | Industrial | Military | Non Profit

Architects | Agriculture | Apartments | Schools | Municipal

Sustainability Made Simple: Our Process

No client is the same and that’s why we want to understand your operational patterns to provide the best solution. 12 months of electrical usage is needed. Click here to get started.

We can qualify you for financing with little to no money up front and for those with good and bad credit. Lowering your bottom line is our top priority.

We take care of the remainder of the process until install day. From utility submission to permitting, all paperwork is handled by Bright Energies. This can take a few months, so we appreciate your patience.

Bright Energies uses our local, top rated Partner Network to install your solar system or battery. We are respectful that you still have to run a business while the installation is underway. Many installs are finished in a week or less.

Every installation must receive Permission to Operate, or P.T.O. This is the day you have been waiting for! Sustainability.Because it Saves.

The Sun Shines Everywhere

Rooftop | Ground Mount | Carport | Shade Structure



Ground Mount

Financing For All

There’s an option for everyone

From owning panels or switching to a clean energy supply

Bright Energies is here to make the choice easy

Own Your Energy

 Tax Credits

Keep All Local Incentives

  • CASH

    • The original way to go solar! You pay for the entire system cost upfront, out of pocket. Since your panels are paid off, you never have to pay for power again!

  • LOAN

  • Don’t have the cash on hand? We’ll pair you with one of our Finance Partners. After going solar your monthly finance payment will be less than your current monthly electric bill.
  • PACE

  • PACE funds business improvements that conserve energy. PACE financing is repaid as an assessment on the property’s regular tax bill, and is processed the same way as other local public benefit assessments (sidewalks, sewers) have been for decades.  

Sustainable Energy Supply

For Those With No Tax Appetite

Long Term Controlled Pricing

  • PPA

    • A Power Purchase Agreement is a $0 down option. Use your roof as the power plant instead of the one miles away from your building. One of our PPA partners will install, own and maintain the system on your roof. All you do is pay for the power, except it’s clean, renewable energy.


    • A Pre Paid PPA allows you to pay for your power in bulk, ahead of time. This allows you to reduce your energy price and save additional money. It’s like buying a bundle of apples instead of just one.


    • Just as you would lease a car, you can lease a solar system. You pay a fixed monthly cost. A lease gives you ultimate control over your monthly electrical operational expense. You know what you will pay tomorrow and 20 years in the future.

Energy Storage

Powerful When Your Powerless

Your home battery stores energy when the grid goes down. We offer both grid-tied and solar-tied batteries. Perfect for those with shaded roofs.

Tier Free

Batteries offset on peak energy costs. This is when the utility charges more for power during certain times of day. For commercial rate schedules, a battery can also shave peak demand costs.